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pieter van aalst galerij

Aalst is a relatively small city nestled on the banks of the Dender River. It is often crossed by travel between the nearby towns of Ghent and Brussels that we must not overlook. Highlights of the city include large museums and art galleries, stunning Gothic architecture, and, of course, its annual carnival. Apart from these attractions, the city has all the charm and sophistication of other Belgian cities while remaining less populated and less expensive. If you decide to spend a few days to give the city of Aalst a chance to be sure to consult the list of the 14 best things to do in Aalst:

The Aalst station
Aalst station was built and opened in 1853, although it has been closed since 1957. The building itself looks more like a fortress than a station and the architect, JP Cluysenaer, was apparently inspired by the buildings of Amsterdam.
Nowadays you will find a traditional Fritkot, in front of the station, which serves traditional and tasty Belgian fries.

Shopping in the Pieter van Aalst gallery
Aalst acquires a good reputation as a trading town.
In its streets, you can find many quirky boutiques and shops selling all kinds of items as well as more well-known shops from all over Europe.
The Pieter van Aalst Shopping Mall, which is full of cozy shops inside.

Saturday market
Saturday Market
As well as visiting the best fry shacks and pubs, you can also do like the locals by visiting the Saturday market.
It’s a great way to shop like the locals do, but also an entertaining way to refuel.
Expect to see displays stocked with everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to ladies’ stockings.
If you speak Dutch it is interesting to listen to market traders as the dialect here is very different from that spoken in the Netherlands or

The Netwerk contemporary art center
The Netwerk Contemporary Art Center is one of the finest and most active art institutions in East Flanders.
Inside the center, visitors have access to a wide range of exhibitions, informative lectures on various art topics, and even concerts.
The modern building is actually an old tobacco building.
Throughout the year, the site hosts many artistic events and is an ideal place to stay for travelers who wish to enjoy a large selection of

Chateau Terlinden
The beautiful Castle Terlinden was built in the 16th century and soon after received the nickname “Cursed Castle” due to its location in the center of town.
The castle now belongs to the town of Aalst and is used for offices.
The exterior of the building, as well as the two acres of land surrounding it, are open to the public and worth a visit while in town.

Borse van Amsterdam
This impressive Grote Markt building was built in the 17th century and now houses a very chic and popular restaurant.
Switch to the daylight to appreciate the grandeur of the building but come back to the evening for a meal inside.
Make sure to book in advance as this place is very popular.

Belforten Van De Arbeid
This old town hall is one of the oldest buildings of this type in Belgium and the Netherlands.
It has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status and should not be missed on a visit to Aalst. It is even worth considering a visit further.
On the tower itself, you will find the Latin words “nec spe, nec metu” which translates to “no hope, no fear”. This was the motto of King Philip II of Spain.

St Martin’s Church
Construction of this impressive church began in 1480, but the building was never completed as planned.
Construction of the church began after an attack by the nearby city of Ghent. The most recent renovations took place in 2007. The interior of the building has a lot to see including beautiful woodwork, paintings by Rubens, and of course stained glass windows.

Jesuit church
When asking how to get to Jesuit Church in Aalst, you will no doubt be directed to St. Martin’s Church, but this one is well worth it.
The church is located on rue Pont and is recognizable by its baroque facade.
The most fascinating thing inside the church is undoubtedly its crypt which contains 23 Jesuit tombs.

Aalst Carnival
Carnival The Aalst Carnival, which takes place every year in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday.
It lasts three days and is a vibrant and colorful celebration suitable for all ages.
Carnival has its origins in the Middle Ages, but Carnival, as it occurs today, seems to have started at the turn of the 20th century.
Expect epic parade floats of shapes, sizes, and themes.

Historical museum
Housed in the old town hospital, a simple but charming building behind St. Martin’s Church, this town museum gives visitors everything they need to know about the history of Aalst over the years.
Inside the buildings, you will find famous paintings, archaeological objects of different ages, and exhibits on notable former residents.
If all this does not sound too exciting, take a walk around the building and the surrounding courtyard.

Meeting with the Daens priests
Priest Daens is known in Aalst folklore as a hero.
He was seen as on the working side when the Catholic Church, as a rule, was not.
Daens lived between 1839 and 1907 and was considered the initiator of socialism in Aalst. He even made an Oscar-nominated film based on his life, Daens.
He is now honored with a statue in the Werfplein which is worth a visit if his story calls out to you.

Statue of Dirk Martens
Another statue paying homage to a former inhabitant of Aalst is the statue of Dirk Martens.
The statue is entirely in bronze and is located directly in front of the Belfry tower.
Dirk Martens is best known for being a publisher and publisher in the 16th century and is believed to have produced some incredibly important works.

Statue of Dirk Martens
Another statue paying homage to a former inhabitant of Aalst is the statue of Dirk Martens.
The statue is entirely in bronze and is located directly in front of the Belfry tower.
Dirk Martens is best known for being a publisher and publisher in the 16th century and is believed to have produced some incredibly important works.
Expect epic parade floats of shapes, sizes, and themes.

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