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The city of Andenne


The city has a coat of arms which was granted to it on October 24, 1820, followed by a change of colors on August 28, 1847, and without a crown since 1977. The latter has never been officially granted. Originally, the coat of arms was: Argent, with a crowned roaring red lion. The shield is covered with a gold crown.
The coat of arms shows the lion of Flanders or Namur. They were used by the Counts of Namur in the 12th century. They were the oldest known Lords of Andenne. The arms were used by the Counts of Namur until the late 15th century. Andenne was a possession of the Counts of Namur in the 12th century, and they were the oldest known Lords of Andenne. The city, therefore, asked to use this coat of arms.
Originally, in 1820, the coat of arms was granted in the wrong colors. The reason is not known. They were corrected in 1847.
Remains of early Neanderthal occupation have been found at the Scladina site in Sclayn.
It was in 692, the Merovingian period, that Andenne began its development, thanks to the foundation of a monastery by Begge (or Begga), great-grandmother of Charlemagne, sister of Gertrude de Nivelles, mother of Pépin de Herstal, and grandmother of Charles Martel where he would have been born.
During a trip to Rome, the pope encouraged Begge, then a widow, to build a monastery. God made known to Begge the exact place where to establish this monastery, by showing him a sow and her seven piglets, then a hen and her seven chicks. These signs were interpreted by Begge as the divine will to see a sanctuary with seven chapels installed in this place. Thus was born Andenne, the city of seven churches. More likely, the pilgrimage to the seven basilicas of Rome was undoubtedly at the origin of the creation of these parishes. A chapter of canonesses, also founded by Begge, was set up around these churches at the same time.
It is also said that Charles Martel, still a child, killed, at the beginning of the 8th century, a bear that was terrorizing the Mosan city. This legend explains the presence of this animal as a symbol of the city.
Throughout the Middle Ages, the plastic clays of Andenne encouraged the development of ceramics. Pottery and terracotta tiles were exported well beyond the city limits. The manufacture of clay pipes dates back to the end of the 18th century. Andenne was also distinguished by the production of fine earthenware. Today, a Ceramics Museum testifies to this flourishing activity that once made Andenne’s reputation throughout the world.[/vc_wp_text]

Nice places in the districts of Andenne
Avenue Roi Albert, Avenue Reine Elisabeth, and Avenue de Belle-Mine are the three main avenues in Andenne.
The crossroads of the “4 corners” is the main crossroads. It is located in the center and connects Avenue Roi Albert to Avenue Reine Élisabeth.
The main shopping streets in Andenne are Rue du Commerce, Place des Tilleuls, Rue Brun, Galerie Sainte-Begge and Rue Léon Simon. All these streets are those of the city center because Andenne is a very commercial city and many shops are grouped together in the center.

Famous citizens of Andenne.
Cecile de France (Actress)
Daniel Giovannangeli (Philosopher)
Laure Paillette (Actress)
Claude Eedekens (former Minister)
Jacques Martin (Cyclist)
Edouard Aidans (comic book designer)
Nathalie Loriers (Jazz musician)
Sadi (Jazzman)
Léon Tombu (Painter and graphic designer)
Jean Tousseul (Writer)

How to get to Andenne by the highway?
You can reach Andenne via the main roads
E42 (A15) which passes near Andenne, in Landenne
E411 (A4), which goes to Jambes 15 min from the center of Andenne.
N90, Road linking Namur to Liège
N921, Road linking Bierwart to Ciney

Pleasant things to do in Andenne
Museum / Visit
Visit the Edouard Aidans Library
Visit the Sainte-Begge Collegiate Church
Scladina Cave Archaeological Center
at Samson’s Fortress
in the Valley of Samson
Carnival of the Bears
Bear Rock Festival

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