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The city of Antoing

The first known lord of Antoing was Alard I, lord of Epinoy who, it is said, married a lady heiress of Antoing. It is from them that several branches of Antoing will descend. From this family comes a 12th-century ecclesiastic, founder of abbeys: Ailbert d’Antoing.
The descendants will very quickly understand the interest represented by the situation of Antoing, placed on the border of the two counties, of Flanders and Hainaut, they will maneuver as clever politicians in order to enrich themselves by raising the stakes. Marriages will also have their importance in the dizzying rise of this family. In three generations, they will unite with the families of Namur, Mons, and Rumigny, the holder of the provostship of Douai and the family of Ligne.
Towards the end of the 13th century, the Antoings will split into several branches, in addition to the parent branch holding the lordships of Antoing and Épinoy, Buggenhout, and the provostship of Douai, there will be the branch of the Antoing lord of Bury and Bittremont, the Antoing lords of Briffeuil, Genech, Wasmes and Amougies, the Antoing lords of Belonne and the Antoing lords of Ansevaing.
In 870, in the Treaty of Meerssen Antoing appeared as “Antonium” to attribute the territory to Charles the Bald.
Around 1328, Isabeau d’Antoing, last heiress of the seigneury of Antoing, Épinoy, provost of Douai, chatelaine of Ghent and lady of Sotteghem married Jean I, viscount of Melun, lord of Tancarville and Montreuil- Bellay, who will transfer all his wife’s property to the Melun house. The latter will promote the trade of draperies and the exploitation of stone quarries.
In 1477, Burgundian troops devastated and plundered the surroundings and besieged the castle.
On February 18, 1582, Marguerite de Parme ordered the dismantling of Antoing Castle and the confiscation of Pierre de Melun’s property.
In 1590, Marie de Melun was the last heiress to the Melun heritage, passing after a few adventures to the house of Ligne, apart from the French lands which remained at the house of Melun-Epinoy.[/vc_wp_text]

The Castle of the Princes de ligne.
The Castle des Princes de Ligne in Antoing is a neo-Gothic style residence with a rich history spanning several centuries. This castle was the bastion of the Melun family and then passed to the Princes de Ligne, who are the current owners. A large part of the 12th-century enclosure is still visible, such as the “bolewerk” built in the 15th century.
It was in the 19th century that a disciple of the architect Viollet-le-Duc, Clément Parent, transformed the castle into a neo-Gothic residence.
It is possible to take a guided tour of the castle. You can discover the surrounding walls and the bolewerk, the dungeon with the dungeon, the lord’s bedroom, and the knights’ room. You can also discover the recumbent effigies and praying figures of the d’Antoing, de Melun, and de Ligne in the lapidary museum. During your visit, you will be told all the great moments that marked the life of the castle such as the Hundred Years War, the Burgundian period, or the troubles of the Inquisition.

Ailbert d’Antoing,
Born around 1075 and died March 19, 1123, is a 12th-century monk who was at the origin of several abbeys: Saint-Nicolas-des-Prés de Tournai abbey, Rolduc abbey, Clairfontaine abbey. The process for his eventual canonization was launched in 2000
He comes from the noble family of the Sires of Antoing: he is the 3rd son of Amaury (Armoricus) lord of Antoing. His older brother Sohier will become Lord of Antoing following his father. His second brother Alibert will be crossed. His two other brothers will accompany him to the foundation of the abbey of Rolduc1.
Ailbert was first educated by the chapter of Antoing, installed in his father’s castle, and dependent on the Abbey of Lobbes.
He completed his studies in Tournai. His name appears there for the first time in 1087 (sometimes referred to as Elbertus, Eilbertus, Gilbertus). He was a canon of the cathedral there from 1087 to 1093, cantor, and therefore responsible for the liturgy in 1094-10951 and then schoolmaster.
Having become a priest, he devoted himself totally to studies, exercises of piety, and charity. It quickly attracts a certain celebrity.
Ailbert devoted part of his income to building, around 1100, a chapel on the hill of Saint Mard or Saint Médard in Tournai, a chapel which was later to give rise to the foundation of a monastery of regular canons, the Abbey of Saint- Nicolas-des-Prés de Tournai, under the impetus of a man named Monin.
In 1104, Adelbert de Sopenbergh (or Adalbert count de Saffenberg) gave him land in Rolduc so that he could found a religious house there. Ailbert runs in the following years. To this end, he uses his knowledge of architecture which seems real and already used to build the chapel of Saint Médard

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